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Stargirl - Remaking a piece from 2013
Did another take on this character,
going to sculpt in on blender as a exercise next.
Maxine Hupy - Road Trip

Maxine Hupy - Teaching NSP's Road Trip Choreography, in Disgaea style, because why not?
Lately all my work has been at the sound of NSP + Starbomb, so it fits.

Taking a little break on pixel art (this will came in sprite form later)

Currently i'm trying a study on Takehito Harada's style of painting, but still not quite there yet...



Raphael Kox
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Well, i usually don't have much to talk here, but now something drastically 
changed in my life, and i want to shout it out, even if it's just to keep a Record (a good 15 days late, but w/e)

For the past 3 years I've been tangled with a screwed job.

The "I've been taking bullshit from everyone all day, because no one came work, because they're all drunk an high,
on a f-ing Wednesday, driving around like a bunch of retards, getting chased by the police" kind of screwed up.

During that time, all my projects came to a stall.
I've been struggling with my life, payment was way long due, 2 years without vacation,
and that's just the black-on-white side.

Besides that, the so called "company" was run by a family, with an ex-wife trying to take our building,
piles of loan on banks, all that because the owner did the things i mentioned above, we didn't did our job, clients would screw us over (rightfully, i must say) and we didn't had money. But then he would come a week later and 
make a fuss over people calling demanding payment, and his wife would take loans on his back, to pretend everything was fine. The biggest one he spent about 40.000,00 ( i live on Brazil, that's not the kind of money you can just throw on the trash) on the beach, on a weekday. This topic would be discussed over and over, a lot of fights and here i was, in the middle of that shitstorm.

I couldn't just leave, and lose everything, i live with my parents, but none of them can work, so i'm the only income.

But look now, life can do things in a crazy way, and even in the worse times, it pays being prepared to act.

On a fateful evening, Sunday, August 6th, my ever so best friend Agaladh called me on messenger.
She has an awesome work, with books, and created a community to read, distribute, collect and share them on the city, and she said a guy was looking everywhere for someone to do 3D work. She knew my situation, and was conflicted if she would "bother me" (i swear) with that.

Given the state of things, i was really on the brink of a break down, had missed a lot of work days to
deal with bank and paperwork on some personal issues that had arisen at the moment, asked for his contact.

We talked, he has an studio here, and we agreed to meet the other day. 
I went there, we discussed the job on hand, and then spent the majority of the day talking about
content creation by the end of the day i was decided.

I was really afraid of leaving my 'job' before , and with that, 3 years passed and now i'm 25.
But after that, I've seen light, like the biggest trillion watt reflector at the end of the tunnel.
I could do better. I didn't had to take so much humiliation and stress for less than minimum wage.
It was their problem, and i had to cut my life away from that toxic pool.

(Mind you: the 'big' first job is still unapproved we're waiting the client make up his mind, but the guy already is passing me other jobs, like animation, etc.)

I walked to my job, proposed an deal: i'll leave to work as freelancer, they just had to pay me up until now,
in fractions.

When i got out, it was like, the world come back in color, in the most clichê way of putting it.

It was the best feeling i had in those 3 years, and i'll never forget that.

In the end...not much reason to put it out there, really. 
But if i had to have a first post here, it damn sure had to be that.

If you keep up until here, then Thank You Very Much for reading.
And if so happen to be in some sort of similar situation (which i really hope you don't), i can only advice you to look at the big picture.
Sometimes, when we're cornered, so it's our vision, and you only notice that the ride is one-way-only
down the hill way too late, like my case.

So keep up, be mindful of every encounter, and every possibility.
There's always a way out, even if exactly at your 6'.

Have a Good Day =]


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